wing fliping and plucking

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wing fliping and plucking

Postby spirosdst » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:25 am

hello all
im from greece and i got 4 wonderfull irns

3weeks ago
1of them startet to fliping wing
i thought that was coz of lice/mites
i checked it but no paracites.. i used also efipro just in case...

after 1 week he started cutting feather all from same spots brest and wings (not many but if u see u can notice)

now he is still doing same

i also gave him COLINA Ca-P coz i read myabe it was ca broplem
his diet is good seed mix n veggies every day and 1-2 times/week eggfood

i got some vids and photos to see.. ... zcejia.jpg ... qmqpjh.jpg

black spots r blood ... it2toh.jpg ... qqakpi.jpg ... rgz3ul.jpg ... yjdohr.jpg ... sort=3&o=0 ... sort=3&o=0

he is the only with symptoms all other r good

no vets in my town for birds no1 have knowledge n they cant help..

soory for my bad english

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Re: wing fliping and plucking

Postby Melika » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:03 pm

I'm sorry, I know how stressful this can be. What have you tried so far besides the calcium supplementation?
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Re: wing fliping and plucking

Postby spirosdst » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:07 am

Still the same..
till now i have tried with no resaults
dayly baths in case it was coz of molting
Changed his diet to only vegg and fruit
Changed again diet only seeds

Now im using "valsamolado" with his egg food but still same
Next try will be aloe baths and in drinkink water...

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