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what shoulld i put with my Blue cock

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what shoulld i put with my Blue cock

Post by caldat » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:43 pm

Hi To all,

Have just got into ringnecks and had some sucess last year from my blue and grey pair. had 2 blue cocks. Now am wondering what color hen i should put the blue cock bird with to get some other coloured birds.

Also would it be possible to put the new hen with the grey cock that i already have and keep it for the blue cock for when hes ready to breed.

thanks in advance and must say the forum has a load of good useful info on it.


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Re: what shoulld i put with my Blue cock

Post by smick » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:59 am

Gerald hi, Being a Blue cock which is recessive I would pair it up to enougher recessive colour as to get different coloured young straight up.
Some choices I would consider Violet Blue, indigo blue, Turquoise blue , Indigo violet blue, Turquoise violet blue and Cobolt blue which also can be combined with Violet, indigo, turquoise but will depend on budget and was available in your area/country . Turquoise blue would be the cheapest one I listed. You already have grey so no need to mention, I would personally keep clear of sex linked hens like inos , cinnamon and pallids because you need to wait a generation for colour (keep split young cocks) and use in future breeding and some don't like split cocks exspecially to ino because ino can mask colours like Violet. I'm fairly new to mutation indian ringneck breeding myself but have learnt a great deal from this forum. Use to plot colour choices and outcomes before you decide. Thanks Smick.

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