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newbie help plz

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newbie help plz

Post by hamza » Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:28 pm

hi all new to ringnecks , but i have bred lot of other parakeet and birds before around 4 to 5 yr experience . i have a breeding cage ready its about 5 to 6 ft long 3 to 3.5 ft high and 3 ft wide . im planing on buying a pair of mutation indian ringnecks , to hand rear there babies ( not for business ) just for fun and experience , im fro india my self but live in uk . i see them flying about wild in london too .

my question is : i want to produce chicks which are mixed coloured like pied .

usually what outcomes do you get by crossing lutino male to blue female / vies versa
crossing a lutino male to albino female / vies versa
crossing blue to albino / vies versa

i want to produce chicks with little to no green as possible and more white blue and yellow .


Mad Max
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Re: newbie help plz

Post by Mad Max » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:11 am

Hi Hamza

Lutino male X Blue female
1-0 Green/Ino/Blue (100 %)
0-1 lutino/Blue (100%)

Blue X Lutino
1-0 Green/Ino/Blue (100 %)
0-1 Green/Blue (100%)

Lutino X Albino
1-0 Lutino/Blue (100%)
0-1 Lutino/Blue (100%)

Albino X Lutino
1-0 Lutino/Blue (100%)
0-1 Lutino/Blue (100%)

Blue X Albino
1-0 Blue/Ino (100%)
0-1 Blue (100%)

Albino X Blue
1-0 Blue/Ino (100%)
0-1 Albino (100%)

If you are looking for mixed colours this is not the best options , But adding into the mix some turquoise or emerald could bring something else to the table for you .
I would suggest getting birds with 2 mutations . IE Blue Pied X Turquoise Blue Pied or Blue Clearhead X Turquoise Blue clearhead ETC , Either Visuals or splits as that could give you mixed colours and mixed mutations in the same nest .

Or you could get a lutino / Blue X Creamino (Turquiose Blue Ino)
Albino(25%) Male and Female Chicks
Creamino(25%) Male and Female Chicks
Lutino/Blue(25%) Male and Female Chicks
Lutino/Turquoise(25%) Male and Female Chicks

Hope it helps you in making a decision


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