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violet blue shades

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violet blue shades

Post by smick » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:29 am

My violet blue young, parents are indigo blue cock to violet blue hen. The hen is a good purple coloured bird quite deep in colour but is sf. The young, 1 indigo blue and 3 violet blues. 2 look like the hen but the other one is violet on the front but much more blue on the back , wings and tail. When the pin feathers were growing out I noticed some green in 1 violets wings but when feathered is hard to see would this be the bird that is more blue from the back :?: . and therefore a indigo violet blue.

Young so far this nest on the perch 1 indigo blue, 3 violet blues but 1 being indigo violet.
Nest 2. 1 blue,2 turquoise blue and 1 creamino
nest 3. 1 blue cock/pallid , 1 turquoise blue pallid hen,1 blue pallid hen. Moved these young to nest 4 who only had 2 young to see if pr 3 will go again.
nest 4. 2 green pallids. after first nest was abandoned 2 days before hatching from at night possible night fright. was 5 dis.

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