Cinnamon or Pallid Green and pallid turquoise (Rainbow)

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Luís Pardal
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Cinnamon or Pallid Green and pallid turquoise (Rainbow)

Post by Luís Pardal » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:26 am

Hi everyone,

My name is Luís I am from Portugal so my English will not be very good.

I bought this birds from a breeder near by, he told me they were blue and green when we talk on the phone and send me some pictures in which, because of the direct sun light, was not possible to really understand, but as soon as I got there I realize they weren't wild green an "normal" blue".
At that point I had already done some research and was in doubt between cinnamon and pallid, but my understanding about genetics was pretty basic at that point.
Since then I have been researching a lot more and now I'm leaning more towards the cinnamon. About the blue one I realize pretty soon that they were turquoise what didn't make sense is that they are from different parents one is brother/sister (all get to that in a minute) of the green ones and the other is son of two greys.

Another problem I have is that the parents of the greens and turquoise are a green/blue male and a lutino/blue female, which means, since they all look cinnamon, that in order to have a male in the lot both father and mother would have to carry cinnamon which seems to me pretty impossible in terms of percentage.

I don't know the background information about any of the parents so I'm only guessing.

Here are the photos:

The turquoise with open wings in one of the pics is the son of the greys.

Thank you
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Luís Pardal
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Re: Cinnamon or Pallid Green and turquoise (Rainbow)

Post by Luís Pardal » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:38 am

I again since no one has answer me yet i've been doing some more research and I think now i'm leaning more to Pallid for some reasons:

1) the green ones seem to have a more yellowish head than the rest of the body, which i can't get very well in the pics;
2) the turquoise has a white head with greenish tinge;
3) the turquoise looks very similar to some of the online pics of turquoise(parblue)blue pallid or Rainbow that i find;
4) the beaks are all red for what i read in psittacula-world the cinnamon have a brownish lower mandible;
5) one green and the turquoise, specially the green, are starting to show off or if you prefer doing the matting dance, which makes me wonder if they could be pallidinos since the mother was ino/blue and i'm leaning towards pallid;

The only thing that is confusing me is that the two turquoises are starting to look more similar, the tip of the wings on the one that supposedly is not sibling of the others is becoming lighter, and both have white heads with greenish tinge.

I have uploaded some new pics whit a better camera.

If someone can give their opinion

Thank you

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Re: Cinnamon or Pallid Green and pallid turquoise (Rainbow)

Post by sheyd » Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:07 am

For me they are Cinnamon.
regards, Shey

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