how do i breed violet pallids??

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how do i breed violet pallids??

Postby ush2611 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:19 pm

hi, im sorry if this has been posted before, but im wandering how to breed violet pallids, i have a violet male, a violet female a turquoise pallid hen and a blue pallid cock that i havent paired up would i go about breeding violet pallids? and can it be done from any of these pairs? (not sure about the sex linked recessive part) many thanks

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Re: how do i breed violet pallids??

Postby rick_s0910 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:15 am

Hello! I stumbled upon your question while looking for some information. I know you posted it a while ago but it's still kind of recent and in case you haven't figured it out I'll tell you what I know. Hopefully I don't make this too confusing. Pallid is sex-linked recessive, but when you are starting off learning the different mutations, I would suggest you just call it sex linked. This way you will not confuse it with autosomal recessive like blue. Try learning them as sex linked, recessive, dominant, etc. The way pallid works is that male birds can carry that mutation either visually ( which means you can literally see that the bird is pallid) or as a split (which means he carries it in his DNA but you can't see it). Splits happen when only one of the parents carries that gene. Females CAN NOT be split to a sex-linked mutation, they are either pallid or they are not. Here's where the sex-linked part comes in, if the DAD is pallid he will have pallid FEMALE offspring, no matter if the mom carries the gene at all. So, can you get Pallid Violet offspring from your birds? The answer is yes! Especially if you keep some of their babies and breed them! Here's how...
Pair the Violet male to the Turquoise Pallid female. This pair won't give you visual violet pallid but all the males will be split to pallid.
These would be the breeding results for this pair...

Violet blue x Turquoise Pallid. ** ( / ) means split to

25% Blue/pallid
25% Violet/pallid
25% Turquoise/pallid
25% Violet Turquoise/pallid
25% Blue
25% Violet
25% Turquoise
25% Violet Turquoise

The other pair will give you visual pallid females...

Blue Pallid x Violet blue
50% Blue/pallid
50% Violet/pallid
50% Blue Pallid
50% Violet Pallid

Breeding any of those offspring from one pair to the other, will give you some visual pallids. Also, if any of your Violets are DF, you wouldn't get blues or turquoise. They'd all be violet and turquoise violet. pallids would stay the same. I hope this helps.

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Pair up

Postby Ranjan » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:50 am

Hi mate I just want to get some advice from you. What colour male bird would be good to pair with my female . Thanks

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