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parrot attacking me send help

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parrot attacking me send help

Post by ivyxo » Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:32 pm

So, this is gonna be kind of a long one. I have 2 IRNs, Oliver who we have had since he was a baby, he is now around 7 or 8 years old, and Lily who we saved from awful abusive owners about 2 years ago (shes around 6 yrs old i think). Also they dont share a cage because Lily has always been very agressive towards everyone, but we are working on that and she's getting better everyday. Oliver has started attacking me, flying at me and biting and yelling to the point where i would have to hide in the bathroom from him. It has happened the past 4 days everytime i let him out and i honestly dont know why or what to do. He has always loved me so im not feeling the best right now.

Now some possibly important context; just over 1 month ago I left them in my hometown with my dad and moved to where I currently am living, and they love my dad so that wasnt an issue. Ive finally found somewhere to live and moved in and got them on a plane and flew them down last monday. it was about a 5 hour ride but they arent new to flying on planes, as i have moved around alot. the past week theyve been settling into the new house and it all seemed fine until Oliver started attacking me. He has also been trying to mate with and feed my feet alot more than usual too (which sounds hilarious but is really annoying lol)

I honestly am not sure whats going on, but i think i have a couple ideas..
1. I was doing some reading online and ive read abit about bluffing and it could be that? im not sure if that is only for younger birds or not and im not 100% sure what to do if it is this.
2. It could be mating season and maybe its just hormones making him cranky?with lily being there that could be making it worse?
3. He is upset/stressed about being in a new space, in a new city where it is colder and away from family (this is the first time ive ever lived by myself with the birds, so they have always been around my family and been very social)

My mum has suggested I keep him in his cage for a few days, to teach him that attacking isnt okay and that if he is gonna attack me everytime i let him out he just cant come out. She has also suggested we trim his wings, which i kind of see as a last resort. He loves flying and is amazing at it, we have trimmed his wings once before (not because of behaviour issues) and he was visibly upset by it. he became very depressed seeming and quiet and was like a totally different bird.

So yeah! if anyone can help me or give some advice on what to do please do, i fucking love these little guys and it breaks my heart that oliver is attacking me. thanks!

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