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HELP TAMING IRNS with severe fear of hands

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HELP TAMING IRNS with severe fear of hands

Post by IRNjireh » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:48 pm

hello!! 😀 first time here and having some troubles with my IRNS
so about 2 months ago I bought two 7 months old indian ringnecks (male and female not bonded they actually fight sometimes nothing too serious) I've had birds before about 3 cockatiels, 1 love bird and tamed a green cheeked conure for my best friend and I went about the taming as I usually do generally all the birds I've dealt with get used to me in about 2 weeks and in a month and half or so they loose fear altogether then comes stepping up, I work from home so I spend almost my entire day with them the thing is they're ok with eating from my hand or taking treats from it but as soon as I move even a FINGER they freak out and back away from it OR if I grab a treat and move my hand towards them they back away till they notice am holding food then they grab it, run away with it, and eat far away from me
it feels more like they obviously came to see my hand as nothing more than a treat dispenser and have absolutely no actual interest in me whatsoever
they also used to bite me a LOT they no longer do that, they do nibble me a little but it's not painful and it's clearly not aggressive more like they're curious and it's honestly the ONLY thing that's kept my hope alive, generally with other birds I usually start trying to get them to step on a perch and get them used to that COMPLETELY before adding my finger into the equation but as soon as I move it towards them they run away I can tell they most have had a bad experience with the breeder I got them from because they aren't afraid of my body they even climb on my legs and back when am laying on my bed it's the HANDS
am not sure if it's got anything to do or not since they're not bonded but should try separating them? and if so how do I move them from cage to cage without grabbing them (I'd usually use the perch for a non hand tamed bird)

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