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Is 'she' doing what I think 'she' is?!

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Is 'she' doing what I think 'she' is?!

Post by Lauren » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:49 pm

Lola has an obsession with cupboards lately, I cant open a cupboard door without her having to check it out! Kitchen cupboards and draws, bedroom wardrobes, the bathroom cabinet.. if the door is closed on the cupboard she even tries to open them using her beak. Someone suggested she might be finding a nest! lol.. Im beginning to think this is true! :shock:
We did have an accident the other day though, I thought she was just checking out the kitchen draw as it was slightly open, she looked fine and they were both chattering to each other with heads down.. in the draw!, until I realized her head was stuck, I felt horrible! She was only stuck for less than a minute but I still feel like a horrible mummy hen for not realizing the danger before it happened! :cry:
What is going on with her? Shes crazy over anything she can climb into, and she 'invites' Jibby in with her 'cooing'! I have not seen any attempts at mating yet, all they seem to do is play a kind of kiss chasey game around the house, and regurgitate to each other (without actually feeding each other, they just throw up and swallow it again), I dont even think Jibby knows what hes doing and I dont think he is even capable of doing 'it'! Can 2 males act like this to one another? Should I be prepared for 'more'? Lola is 2 next month and shes sooo girly!
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Post by Patrick » Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:14 am

It does sound as though someone wants to 'play house......' :lol: Charlie Parker is also obsessed with one of the kitchen cupboards--the one that holds the birdseed and the peanuts. The door doesn't close completely and he's always poking his head in or gesturing to us to help him check it out. After months of saying that I'll install a magnetic catch your post has motivated me to do it for his own safety, so thank you!

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Post by chobah » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:55 am

my bird did the exact same thing. in fact, she laid claim to my big stock pot, and decided to use it as her nest. she was obsessed with my pot holders, my cabinets, she even hid in my trash can, popping out and nipping my fingers when i least expected. I took the pot out of my cabinet, and placed it in her and louis' cage with some bedding and low and behold I now have 3 eggs in my pot. looks like i need to buy a new one now, she ca have that one. strangest thing, she wont use a nest box, is scared to death of them, but anything else it seems is fair game. love must be in the air, because now my cockatiels are acting amorus. i find out on tuesday after i candle these eggs if they are fertile or not. her last batch wasnt. so if you notice lola taking a particular interest in an object that you can live without, you may want to give it to her, lest you have eggs on the cage floor.

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Post by Amazonite » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:40 pm

Amazon likes cupboards if im in them then he wants to check it out too
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Post by laine » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:30 pm

Smokey loves cupboards and drawers as well. I thought it was my cooky bird :lol: . The drawer he loves the most is in the coffee table but then he knows that's where we hide the tv remote, the mobiles, the car keys etc :lol: :lol: . If this drawer is even slightly ajar he will try for ages to open it. He persists for a long time trying all different angles, strategies, and attempts. We have to make sure its closed properly. Smokey has taken a liking to dark hollow areas such as the gap between 2 arm chairs in the lounge. He sticks his head in between them and makes all sorts of funny noises. He also loves a box I gave him. I cut it out so that it looks more like a cave. He sticks his head in and off he goes. Funny to watch but annoying when you are trying to watch tv. The other place he loves to stick his head is up my sleeve!!!!! Yes I mean it. Especially by dressing gown at night. He kind of walks in till about half his body is in and off he goes. He sometimes says words but mostly its really funny noises and whistles. The other place he likes to play is inside the fold of my throw blanket. I cuddle up on the couch with my blanket on a cold night and over he comes. He lifts up the blanket and puts his head and body inside (all you see is his tail sticking out) and starts with the noises and whistles, then he comes out and laughs. He must like the feel of it also because after he has finished doing this he settles down finds a spot to cuddle in for a nap. What a silly bird I have. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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