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Bluffing Phase!!!! HELP!!!!

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Bluffing Phase!!!! HELP!!!!

Post by Tempest » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:16 pm

Okay it is not as dramatic as the title makes it out to be but... I have an indian ringneck who bites my index finger or the top hand and pulls on the skins (Drew little bite of blood once doing that) he is about 3-4 months old and I got him like a week after him being fully-weened from breeder (or syringe^.^) Anywho.. I know this is part of his bluffing phase because I was told it can start immediatly after weening or like a week or two after...

but knowone has told me how long the bluffing phase lasts...

The breeder I got them from says he has never had a pet IRN but had them as breeders... he says with the 30 show quality cockatiels he breeds and the 3 pair of IRN he owns it is hard to have a pet bird especially when it go's throiugh it's demanding period of time!!!

So how long does thie "Roughly Last"?

I work 8hrs a day 5 days a week from 6-3.. so do u think me not being here all the tim can pose as a serious factor? or sometimes I do not make it home that day because of personal reasons I can not explain... lol

I am just a little confused... I Clipped his wings so I can train him and that when it seemed like it started. Also he gets out of the cage on his own just fine!!! I do not like sticking my hand in a birds cage until it knows how to step up... just due to the fact that is makes it seem like, this big bad hand is coming into my cage I must protect, it kind of thing...

Help anyone???

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Post by leo » Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:03 am

i think it is not bluffing, usually 3-4 month bird is not strong enough to draw blood...

hmm, clipping wing is very good, to me i bring the bird out, let him get use to outside cage (wing clipped) and after he calm enough, interect with him slowly with alot of treat

this stage is very crucial
never jerkback when he tries to climb to your hand(usually they will bite a bit to make sure your hand is stable to pearch

decipline is very important too

it is what i expiriance and do with tango, tango is very well behave...
hope it help
guys, if i offend you in any way, please let me know....don't keep it to yourself....okay.tango is FE-male.............

Aces Wild
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Post by Aces Wild » Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:00 pm

Hello there!

He is pretty young for bluffing but I have seen some info on other sites saying that it is possible for bluffing to start early. I would take leo's advice and just don't pull back or act scared when he puts his beak on you. This will lead to biting and that is what you don't want. You want to show that you aren't afraid of him and that you are in charge. You just have to stay firm and persistant!

As for working, I leave the house at 8am and don't get back in until 6:30pm. My husband gets home around 5pm and lets Ace out. He is fine, just make sure that you have alot of toys for your bird to keep him occupied while you are gone. With Ace, we leave him out for the rest of the night, playing with him, giving him treats and stuff. On the weekends he is out whenever we are home! Which is alot hehe.

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Post by Tempest » Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:41 pm

I do not pull away!!! That is one thing I have learned from many hobbiest and vet's.

I was seriously told that bluffing can start right after weening!!!

This is possibly due to the fact that the bird trying to live with out the parents help!!! So I have been told!!! Man I wish this is his bluffing phase!!!

I would hate to see it... if this isn;t his bluffing phase!!!!

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Post by Amazonite » Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:41 pm

Every IRN is different it could be bluffing, my boy did his bluff bout the age of 4mths it lastest 2 weeks if that, but thats only because we had two of us home with him 24/7, ad yes our boy ddi draw blood at that age, they dont really need strong beaks to draw blood, skin could be soft and break easy which is fine.

Just pretend he isnt biting you and carry on your day to day things with your fid. They get over the stage in their own time really

Good luck
Sharlene and Amazon

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