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New addition to the family! LILY!!

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:00 pm
by Aldeleen
I adopted a new fid yesterday- Lily- her age is unknown but she is deffinitly a green lady with beautiful hints of blue on her tail!

I have my little Pi-ko, which is now about 18months and he is extremly tame as i hand reared him from only a few weeks old-- he is ultimately the reason why i decided to open up and take in another fid! I was a bit apprehensive at first and the fear of losing Pi-ko's trust was the major factor for me doubting the whole idea.... But im sure Pi-ko is young enough to eventualy accept another birdie... (p.s. i hope im right)

Now do realise that i have two opposite situations, with an extremely tame IRN, and then a scared and bewildered IRN which im sure is not use to handling... mmmm... I am Lily's 3rd owner and have been bewildered and caught with hands with cloves and her wings severly clipped.. she has not made a sound yet, quiet little one that sits and watches... eagerly takes peanuts and grapes and apples from my hand.... but will leave her for a couple of weeks to just relax and get use to my routine and then, the presence of Pi-ko, the two of them can see eachother but not close....

Pi-ko has not yet shown any serious interest in her and he cannot get to Lily's cage at all, but he knows something is up!! But he carried on with his usual talking and singing and so forth-- he is a little cuty but so spoiled!!! I try to show him that although i do tend to a new birdie now he is still number one and gets everything he has always got and more-- food attention and freedom-- i dont ever want him to feel neglected.... but i think it will be difficult to introduce Lily at first (only months away i know)

I would love to give the new lady a stable and loving home so that she eventually comesround and have some handling-- i realise that she will never be as tame as Pi-ko and that she comes with some history and bad memories!!

I dont know whether i made the wrong choice of getting her-- maybe i shouldve rather adopted a baby and then hand raise again, but how do you say that the one is better than the other one just because someone did not give her the early love and attention she required when she was a baby!!!

Pi-ko doesnt bite me(will attempt with my bf but not even strangers, but there are deffinitely people he likes and dislikes :roll: i just laugh!), just nuddges if he is not impressed.... but other than that usual sweet behaviour and he is my absolute kid!!! love him to bits!!

I dont think that Lily was mistreated so much although you never know what is at the root of her fear and i will in the coming weeks spend many hours just watching her and talking to her....

Maybe someone have been i the same situation with both tame a untame fiddies and maybe someone has some advise on what is the best way for both birds so that the introduction is not stressfull for either of them??? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

As for the rest, today is the second day, and im sure that there willl be many interesting stories to come.... JUST HOPE I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE WITH HER!!!

But happy that i can give her love and attention, just what every special baby deserves!!!

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:03 am
by Lene
We are natural predators to birds, so a bird doesn't have to have been abused to be afraid of you, or fingers, a stick, new toy etc...

IRN's are normally bold little birds, especially if handraised, but even so can develop fears, if not handled enough...

I commend you for taking in this girl... I'm sure they'll be fine in time. Just place them beside each other in different cages to start with. Have them out together fully supervised, and then one day, take the leap and see what happens.

I put two Conures together, a Green Cheek and a Sun - the Green Cheek bullied the Sun, so I put a Quaker with the Sun, and they're now best of mates... These birds are all tame, though. The Sun and Quaker both come out at the same time, and have no problems being on my shoulder together... They both prefer me, when out, but don't fight.

I did get another Cockatiel the other day, and just put it in with my existing one.. They're fine... absolutely no problems.

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:34 am
by Donna
Quarantine these birds new before you introduce them. Ya just never know if your bringing in a sick bird. Most birds do not show signs of illness until they are stressed and putting one in a new enviorment is stress enough. :(


Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:31 am
by julie

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:12 pm
by Aldeleen
Thank you all, i eagerly watch for replies as i do need all the help i can get with the new one... its now been 4days since i brought Lily home and she has relaxed slightly, still very belwildered and usure about most things but a little more calm that the first day.. I didnt know that i had to put her in quarantine :shock: I put her in the lounge with Pi-ko but their cages are about a meter and half apart opposite each other, the can see eachother but not get to one another at all, and Pi-ko cannot climb to Lily's cage at all.. they get seperate bowls for everything and i do not share their bowls or food... Pi-ko doesnt show to much interest yet and carries on as usual with his plays and attention... so with that i am happy!

Lily has started to sing a bit and she has this little crazy claw, she scratches her own head whilst she sings . heheheh funny little one, she had a bath on sunday and enjoyed that much.. she cannot he handled, she is very scared and wild when you place a hand in the cage.. shame, i feel sorry for her, but you can open her cage, she will just walk along on the cage, never leave it..

Im a little worried now about the quarantine thing and what all of you have said makes sence... they do not have ANY physical contact whatsoever------??? i hope that its not to serious-- do you think that i should change something, i know that some sicknesses are prob also airbourne and then im in trouble :shock: ???????

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:53 pm
by Donna
I always quarantine new birds to another room in the house for about 30 days and until I can get them to a vet to have them tested. Most of the tests an avian vet will do will take up to 2 weeks for the results to come back. Even the best avian vet can't just look at the bird to say it's healthy, they have to have certain blood test.
If Lily was housed with other birds in the past your taking a big risk not putting her in quarantine. If she was the only bird and no birds have come in contact with her then most likely your safe. I just wouldn't take the chance.