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hi guys, i find out something...

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hi guys, i find out something...

Post by leo » Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:20 pm

about lying down...
books and articles says u need your bird to thrust you to make him lay on his back...

anyway...mine is reverse...
i train the bird to lay on its back to make him more confident....

not saying the book is wrong...

what i see id my tango very much more confident and trusting after he lay back...

my mathod is...

1. bird has to tame enough to let u stroke/touch the back(wings)

2.find out what the bird like to chew ( i think softer twig or anything softer that can be destroy easily is best)..he will feel satisfied after destroying the, he will be happy if he can destroy something

3. let him grab on the chew object...het him chew awhile...

4. slowly reach his back and turn him up side down...softly talk to the bird to calm him down...he will grab the chew object much hadred...

5.get another chew object and put it near his beak, usually, he will bite that chew ob...or u can move the chew ob he is grabing to his beak...he will start chewing again...

6. if not, try again...if the bird is too frustated, may be you can continue at another traing section,...dont get the bird too scared,...treat given eventhough he just lay for 1 milli second...

i find this out when playing with tango...last time he afraid of broom stick, hand when wearing glove, vacuum cleaner, dustpen n red shirt. i think its okay since alot of bird afraid of those object naturaly...

1st day after he start laying on his back(1st trainging 3dr attemps), his fear to all those stuff disappear...( the picture at the "hey, thats my tango" posting at the photo section is the 2nd training, he is more relex and actually enjoying it)

i tried it to my friend's 2 sun canures 5 days ago-get the same resoult as tango, but the training successful after 2nd days of tring...

i tried to my friend's (i dono the name, it has black colour head, the chest is whitist colour)week ago- same resoult after 1st traingng...before, the bird will bite whenever sees somebody wearing red, holding the object he afraid of...

i tried it to my friend's hans macaw yesterday days ago-get the same resoult as tango,..for this, he just bite and bite...whenever another person is in the room when he is out with, its not i did, i just tell my friend all the sted i used, and he did...progress is will not bite when others around, but will bite when he do phisical contact with other ppl. the training is succesful after 7th attemp...basically,that hans thrust my friend alot...and stress proof and my friend is crazy...kidding

i tried it to my friend's quaker parot 3 days ago-get the same resoult as tango, but the training successful after 2nd days of tring...

i never tried on smaller bird( all my friend have prob with medium size 1) but i personally think it is more suitable for those who can hold object with his leg...and never tried on bigger 1 like macaw, coz i still wan my hand...haha...i also cant find any way to actually grab the back...

what do you think...imnot really sure it will work for all the bird, but it is what i do and the resoult...

give me what you think please...thansk everybody
guys, if i offend you in any way, please let me know....don't keep it to yourself....okay.tango is FE-male.............

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Oliver and Justin
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Post by Oliver and Justin » Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:14 pm

every bird is different

my oliver can learn tricks like that

but the back is not just not for him

he hates it so i dont push it

its according to the bird and what it is used to

cause if you get it young you can train it to get used to stuff and other older birds you can too "sometimes"

but if it works for yours

Great! :D

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thanks oliver

Post by leo » Fri Jan 04, 2008 9:28 am

yea...but i did it to 6 year old quecker and 2 year old hahns macaw...

hmm, anyway, maybe i need to try on more bird...but, so far,it works to all the bird i tried...

but its less than 10 bird, and ya, every bird is really individual...
thanks for the feedback...

i really need feedback on what u all think...thanks
guys, if i offend you in any way, please let me know....don't keep it to yourself....okay.tango is FE-male.............

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Post by Lauren » Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:55 pm

From the day we got Jibby, we would just pick him up and tip him on his back or hold him in a 'cradle' position like holding a baby! He never had a problem with this. Although, he has always been trusting and very relaxed from the moment he arrived.. strange as it may be! so I guess, I'm lucky, he might of been handled alot before we got him. :lol: I find, a 'just do it' attitude' works well with him. If you don't give them a chance to react (bite, lunge) they get over it quickly. When I pick Jibs up or scritch his head, I do it quickly, if I hold back or I am scared of his reaction, it doesnt work and he ends up defending himself by biting. When he realizes I'm already scitching or holding him, he gives in. hehe. But I understand every bird is at a different level of trust. Giving them something they love to play with helps alot. It occupies them and they seem to forget that they are on their back. :lol: I cannot do the same with Yoda as I do with Jibby. Yoda is much less trusting as Jibby was at the same age. With Yoda, I am trying to slow gaining of trust, letting him come to me. Its taking longer but its working.
"Jibby aka Gilbert" Indian Ringneck 13 years "Charlie" Rex Rabbit 1 year

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Post by BigChicken » Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:26 am

Leo, I used that technique with my first bird, Elmer. He was a smart little parakeet that I got from my aunt and uncle when I was around 10. They were tired of him; I don’t think he got much attention. For me he was my best little buddy, eager to please. I used a tooth pick that he liked to chew on to get him to lay on his back. I had been to a bird show earlier that summer and had a chance to talk to the trainer who gave me some tips. After a while, Elmer was so confident and trusting, I could actually spin him over and over on the tooth pick without him even moving his wings.
I have been working with our mini macaw Mickey lately which hasn’t been as easy because she doesn’t like being touched, especially on her back. One day I just went for it, gently but quickly flipping her over in my hand. She stopped nipping me and just laid there looking at me, and then started playing with my fingers! I agree that it’s a great way to gain trust and confidence if your bird will try it.
I haven’t yet tried it with our IRN who has a similar personality, not real crazy yet about being touched, but you have motivated me to give it a try, it might be the breakthrough I have been looking for with her.

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Post by Melika » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:26 pm

I did this with Hane ever since he gained his feathers. I never tried it with Tsume though (not my bird, lol, it's my sister's) but maybe I will now. I did it for the same reason you did- to instill confidence in Hane. And it had helped a lot. He still doesn't like large masses of the colour red, but that's okay since I don't like it either. ^_~

At this rate you'll be a 'bird whisperer'! :lol: Your instincts seem dead on. :)
I've been called 'birdbrained' before, but somehow I don't think this is what they meant. say:hah-nay

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Post by leo » Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:26 am

thanks lauren, big chicken and melika..

day before yesterday, i work it with the older IRN, he is my friend's bird...has not been hand rised, but already quiet tame...

itsthe 2nd section,...i showing great progress...he let ppl touch the chest now...which she doesn't before...really glad that it work for your birdy too..thanks for the comments.. :lol:
guys, if i offend you in any way, please let me know....don't keep it to yourself....okay.tango is FE-male.............

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