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HELP HELP is there a second bluffing stage

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HELP HELP is there a second bluffing stage

Post by birdynamnam » Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:51 pm

I need some help with Birdley. Birdley is 20 months old and we have had (her?) since she was 8 weeks old. She was handraised and we were warned to expect bluffing. All good, I took all the good advise onboard and rode it out calmly and after about 2 months it was gone. I am completely baffled now when Birdley has started being extremely difficult, biting and attacking me between being her normal, cuddly and lovely self. Without any pre-empt she has bitten me in the face, more than once, attacking my feet and biting my hands when taking her to and from her cage. We got a sleeping cage inside and an all day larger cage outside for during the days. The face biting seems to happen when she comes in at night and I am preparing her seeds for her, I cant have her on my shoulder anymore. The biting of the hand is happening in the mornings when she goes out to her big cage and again at night when bringing her in. If my hubby brings her in there is no biting. She is still happy sitting on my shoulder after dinner and whistle and sing, that seems to be the only time she is really kind to me. Is there a second bluffing stage that I wasnt aware of? is it breeding seasons for Ringnecks in Australia in May/June? I just dont know what to do, I have bleeding sores all over my hands and I am starting to be afraid of the bird. Why is she so horrible? Any advise would be much appreciated. Thank you, Irene

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Re: HELP HELP is there a second bluffing stage

Post by ringneck » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:58 am

Hello birdynamnam,

There is no second bluffing stage. Bluffing usually happens right after the birds wean, which is roughly 13 weeks of age. From your description, it sounds like your female ringneck has bonded to your husband. They can be quite stubborn once they have chosen their "mate." This is quite natural and the best thing to do now is work with her through positive reinforcement.

It is important you have your husband start working with her and HE should be the one to lead the lessons. Every time the female is on you, it is important HE rewards her. He can do this with praise or treats. He should be consistent with her and do this over and over like clockwork.

Once she warms up to you again, its important you do not talk to her. I know this sounds odd, but talking to her will only make her more upset. Just pretend you don't care to be around her. When she is on you, do not pay any attention to her for some time. Once she becomes more predictable and stops biting, then you can start rewarding her through treats.

Hope this helps and best wishes, :wink:


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