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Struggling to tame

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Rebecca harry
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Struggling to tame

Post by Rebecca harry » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:37 am

Hi there all and thanks for reading. Ive had my irns for 6 months. They will feed through cage and sometimes if i hold something inside. But as i have two which are both untamed. I am struggling to tame them. If one hesitates then the other follows. And then i end up back at square one. Really want to tame thm. Dont want them to be left in the cage. Want them to be loved with cuddles and respect

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Re: Struggling to tame

Post by SkyeBerry » Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:08 am

HI. If you read the list of topics under the Behaviour section, you will find lots of questions like yours, with lots of answers provided. That is likely why no one has responded to your post thus far. If you read a bunch, I am sure you will find the advice if often very similar. If you then come up with a more specific question, I am sure someone will be quicker to answer you.

Because you have two untamed birds, I will add this and someone else may comment - I have read it is often best to work with the birds individually. Take it to another room and away from its cage, if possible. This is also assuming you have gained a little basic trust. Are you able to get the birds to step-up onto your hand/arm or a perch/stick by asking them 'step-up' or something similar versus pushing into their chest? If not, I would work on getting them to take food from your fingers - through the cage bars, then the open door of the cage, off your hand etc. Use the treat to bribe them onto your hand/arm. Use the perch if they seem very timid of hands. Keep the treat just out of reach, so the arm/perch is used as a 'bridge' to get the treat. Talk to them softly. Move slowly. Takes lots of time. Some birds do require a year or more. Have you owned birds/parrots previously? I am quite knew here, and only recognize a relatively few names. And I am certainly not an expert; but I do have four years of experience with my guy. I think he is doing quite well, but at this point he does not want to be scratched. One day he might, but then again he may not. He likes to be with me and is not afraid of me. He loves to be talked to and has a fairly healthy vocabulary I believe. The IRN is not one of the more cuddlier birds.

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Re: Struggling to tame

Post by TarynAnthony » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:13 pm


Take them individually into a room where you can shut the door and let them fly around and just talk to them and give them treats even if it is just in a bowl at first. Once you gain their trust you can move on from there. Reading other posts will help you from there on.

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Re: Struggling to tame

Post by clawnz » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:05 am

Working with them as a pair can be hard work and in some cases it is better to work with each bird on it's own.
You do need to win each ones confidence and then become part of the excepted flock members.
Barbara Heidenreich is very good on how to apply Positive Reinforcement Training. Some of her stuff is available online. and her books and DVDs are also available.
It does depend on you, your attitude and patience. Love and rewards go a long way to winning them over.
But working with the to of them together is going to be a big ask.

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