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Do ringnecks like music ?

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Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by Cormacity » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:08 am

I have a 4 week old ringneck and i noticed that when i whistle a song or watch mtv the baby really stayes quite but when i stop it starts crying again , do they like music ?

sanjays mummi
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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by sanjays mummi » Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:33 am

Sanjay loves music!, the louder the better,

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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by ellieelectrons » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:59 pm

My guess is that all ringnecks like music but they seem to have specific taste - they like some music more than others and some voices more than others.


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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by Hakaishin » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:19 am

Equate the intellect of the bird to a small child - and answer the question with that in mind.

Would a toddler like music?

Music is not a "sentient" enjoyment. There is actually an area of the brain - of all mammals - that registers sound, and with it, whether it is pleasant or not. We as humans read emotion into music as well - and the same can be said of animals, to include IRNs.

I'd place my stake with Ellie's comment - it's safe to say all ringnecks like music (just as all humans do whether they admit it or not, as the brain registers pleasant sounds as separate from offensive ones) - however as each bird - just as each human - is an individual, their tastes will vary and what may be pleasant to one won't necessarily mimic to the other.

I like Disturbed - but my Conure would rather listen to Christmas music all day.

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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by Skyes_crew » Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:47 am

My conure loves hip taste in music :)
My tiels love TV jingles
Skye and hamlet like country music
Cyrano falls asleep to the rhythm of my heart beating :D
I am owned by my birds...and I wouldn't have it any other way :D


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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by MissK » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:38 am

Time for Christmas Music in my house! I've made it all the way through the alphabet to the Charlie Daniels Christmas CD (Christmas Time Down South), and *BAM*- there's Rocky chiming in. Now, "country" music is far from being a staple here. It's more the big exception than the rule, but I try not let a label stand between me and something good. So, we have Dolly, and we have Patsy, and we have Charlie Daniels, at least, at Christmas.

Here's the song that got Rocky all revved up:

This is a fine song, but Charlie, if you're reading, it's EITHER the red coat OR the red boots. Not both, dear. Please.

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Re: Do ringnecks like music ?

Post by AJPeter » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:09 pm

I think they llke what we like, Billie likes Classical music. and she lieks me playing the organ both classical and pops but there was some opera a woman sang Billie was very alert l thought for one minute Billie was going to have a duet but no.

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