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Male IRN Mating Behavior Help

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Male IRN Mating Behavior Help

Post by Lunar_Puppy » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:32 pm

I've moved in with some friends and while I love all their birds, one has became extremely fond of me. I am great with animals and these and another friend's birds are the first domestics I have been around.

My problem is Homer has decided I am his mate. He no longer humps with his toy he used to pick for a mate and will now come right to me during free time. He'll 'feed' me his food and and treats he can beg from his human mom and dad. At first, I thought he was just being a goober and making me messy. My other friend, his cockatiel Poopy will eat on me and sometimes, on purpose, he just crumbles things to leave my shoulder a big mess. Apparently, Homer has been doing a lot of mating behaviors directed at me. I'm worried he'll lose the bond with my friends and get feral and aggressive towards everyone else. From what little of birds I know, they no longer really like people when they pair off. How can I nicely deter him from this? I'm really dreading when he decides to try to 'mate' with me. It hasn't happened yet, thankfully.

He sings, talks, dances and feeds me though, which is the biggest things that worry me of what will come next.

We live in Michigan and they have said they'd like to find a female IRN for him, but the only ones near us are chicks. I kind of just don't want to be humped, hopefully after mating season, his interest in me will turn back to friendship.

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Re: Male IRN Mating Behavior Help

Post by Redzone » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:40 am

Well, as bad as your situation is, at least you recognise the fact that having a ringneck hump you is a bad thing, unlike some other posts i've seen on parrot forums LOL

You could try redirecting his attention to you via training. Depends how far along he is in falling for you :P

Look up Pamela Clark online to find some ideas to deal with him.

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