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Post by tripledeke » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:13 pm

I swear my IRN, Marmalade has ADHD.
This is my second IRN, my first decided to prove that the fix to the window she could still escape from.

Needless to say I'd lost my best friend, she was the most loving, attentive bird that I'd ever had and was so cute an cuddly.

OK my question, not sure if it's in the right area or not is that Marmalade is like hypo as,
can't sit still, I can now get a kiss from her,
but probably to shut me up,
try and give her a hug\cuddle and her head is turning and churning and yeah like OMG-OMG-OMG human cutties.
She's like anti-social, a brat to my male (old-cranky) Red Rump(Bluie), both have separate cages, Bluie use to have his cage open but there are pegs on all doors cause Marmalade would chase him out the cage and try and play, steal him Sun Flower seeds and just be a ****.

When you hold, actually hold Marmalade she will squirm, squirm like a worm, will fight like mad to get out.
Patting behind the head is a feat in it's own, patting her belly is like,
'get that away from me, get, get, get', she's painful,
won't eat anything from your hand, will only bath in her water dish,
and if she catches you watching her bath then she stops and stares at you, just stares...

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this type of behavior with their IRN\Bird, Marmalade is held, picked up, sits on your shoulder, but is only happy on her cage, doesn't seem to want to bond.

She a blue, about 2yr old IRN and I've had her for about 6mths now.

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Post by evaleen » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:19 am

(i'm so so sorrryyyy...)
(but i just cant help but.... LAUGH!!!)

my reply might not b much off a help, but i still hope it'l 'ease the pain'.

have u tried clicker training her to b still?
first introduce cliker training, then,
like, if she lets u touch her/ or let u cuddle her, u'l go "~click~" and waaa-llaaaahh! she gets a treat.
u could then try offering the treat only if she lets u pet her for a longer time.
(and thus gradually increasing the contact time btwn treats)

dont forget to praise her along with the treats when she cuddles!

or how about,
when u go to get her out of the cage the first time for the the day, try getting her to accept pets.
if she lets u cuddle, only then let her outta the cage (plus a treat too).
if she dosnt, then keep her locked up for another 5mins, and try again.

(dunno if this was helpfull... but i hope sum1 comes up with something bettr!) :oops:
and do keep us updated!

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Post by julie » Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:33 am

marmalade sounds just like my 1yr old pinky(hes blue too). I have said a few times that they are like kids and go through cheeky stages. its like a game to them,your lucky if your not getting bitten then I think marmalade is just testing your patience.

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Post by tripledeke » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:45 pm

Yeah, well I've got to agree cause reading thru the post again I even giggle.

If it was a game I'd more then be happy to play, but when you, when Marmalade get's away it's like, SEEEYA, watch my a** as I walk off.
Try and grab her and it's like 'Oh crap not you again', ya hands end up saw from it, she's more happy to just sit on your hand, not move, as long as you don't touch her.

I'll try and put a pic or two of her up at the bottom.

Tried a clicker, she payed some attention, but also looked at me weirdly, use that to try and get her to stop moving away.
Put your hand out so she can get on and it's find, try and touch her, and it's like 'Just where are you going with that hand'.
Treat's well, she loves her fruit and of course sun-flower seeds, but as she has and also did on Saturday, tried to give her some grapes in her cage, try and give it to her outside the cage an it's like you're harassing her 'Police Police',
Tried to give her the grape, took a little lick of it, thought she was going to hold onto it but drops it, and only when I've walked off does, did she climb down, get it, climb all the way back up the rope\with the wire in it, back up sat there and all I could think is, you snooty little ****. :-(

She's very good cause she rarely bites, she's good with my mother, which I take care of, an don't let many other people touch her, or go to.

It's great, I've got a mother that don't remember much, a grumpy old Red Rump, and a snooty bloody IRN that would rather turn her butt up at me. Trifector :-(

This pic was taken after her pigging out on a corn cob.

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