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obsessions with particular places

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obsessions with particular places

Post by ellieelectrons » Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:39 am

Hi All

Do you find your IRN gets obsessed with certain locations - locations that aren't very healthy for them to be obsessed with? At the moment, Janey (female 3 yo) is obsessed with the washing machine!

As soon as I get her out in the morning, she begs me / orders me to take her to the laundry where I have a window perch for her to sit. She sits there for a bit and does everything she can to get down from it onto the washing machine... if I offer her my finger to perch on, she holds on really tight and hangs upside down trying to get to the washing machine. I left her on the perch one morning for a few minutes and heard a fluttering sound and she'd managed to get onto the washing machine. She refused to step up and then fell into the washing machine (it was empty).

Just wondering if this behaviour is normal? Is it nesting behaviour? Should you indulge the behaviour or not let her anywhere near the washing machine?

Charlie (male 2 yo) likes to go anywhere Janey goes but isn't obsessed with the washing machine at all.


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Re: obsessions with particular places

Post by Lauren » Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:03 pm

My female used to love the shower! before i got her a nestbox she was obsessed with wardrobes. I believe it was nesting behaviour. I suspect she thinks the washing machine is a good place to lay eggs. At 3 years old she is now sexual mature. Thats when my girl Lola started with the wardrobe. But I then let mine try for babies so I got her a nestbox. I think I would have got her a nestbox even without my boy around. But Im unsure if anyone else does that.
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