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Baby ringneck behavior and taming-Please help

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Baby ringneck behavior and taming-Please help

Post by autumn » Mon May 09, 2011 5:41 am

I have 2 baby ringnecks that came to me way to young. They are about 6 weeks now (no idea exactly). They have a good amount of feathers but not complete and their tail feathers are starting to come in.They have been to the avian vet and he feels they are doing very well. Right now I have them in a basket and they happily come out to be fed. They do not perch well yet and do not like it if I try to have them perch on a finger.

I want to make sure I am giving them the proper exposure/taming but not pushing them ahead of their development. After they are finished feeding they want to run for cover. At what age should they begin to explore more. At what age would they benefit from going into a cage with toys etc. I was considering putting a smaller basket in the bottom of a cage and letting them explore when they chose. Would this be beneficial for them or stress them?

I want to raise happy, healthy and friendly IRNs but i would love some guidence about how best to do that. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Baby ringneck behavior and taming-Please help

Post by Dare2b » Mon May 16, 2011 5:53 pm

With my babies, we handle them as much as possible both before and after feeding. Our babies didnt start sitting on our fingers until they were ready, however we allowed them to climb over us and fossick around on the floor under supervision.

The more interation the better.

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