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Already have IRN's, Want a tame one though...

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Already have IRN's, Want a tame one though...

Post by cameron_15 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:22 am

Ok guy's, I've got 6 indian ringnecks in a large avairy at the moment, soon to be split into two avairies. they are:

Blue male, about 4 years old
Green/yellow male 7 years old (he is beautiful!)
Grey/Green male 4 years old
2 Green males, 1 is 4 years old and the other has just developed his ring
and 1 yellow female, about 4 years old

I've recently finished high school and now have a lot more spare time and want a ringneck that will be more of pet, something that can be handled and isn't terrified of humans.

When I split the birds (the blue and yellow appear to have paired up...) I'm considering removing the youngest male from the avairy and attempting to tame him. however I feel this might be unfair as he's lived his life with 5 other ringnecks and would probably not cope with the changed environments. I also fear that he might be difficult to tame, given that he has had almost no human contact.

The other option available is to purchase a baby ringneck and begin taming it from a young age. Again, I fear that it will become lonely on it's own and would like to let it mix with the avairy kept birds. Is this a good idea? or will it just end badly?

basically, what is the best/most humane way for me to go about this?

If anyone has anything that could help me, I'd love to hear it!

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Re: Already have IRN's, Want a tame one though...

Post by ellieelectrons » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:34 pm

The easiest birds to tame and keep tame will always be a hand-reared bird. However you will make some progress with aviary birds. With regard to whether he'll cope being alone - you could try it and see how it goes. If he seems fretful you could return him. You could also try bringing out two of them to tame.

When I was in high school I handreared three peachfaces. I kept two of them and gave the other one to my grandma. I eventually returned them to the aviary and they remained tame because they didn't have any fear of humans. It may have been my imagination but I never felt though that they were as equally accepted by the other birds. They never bonded to a mate or anything. However, within a year of that we had some bad stuff happen - a cat attack whilst a bird was asleep at night.... and then a disease swept the aviary from introducing an external bird.... and there was nothing I could do.... if only I'd known then what I knew now... anyway, what I'm trying to say is they may have adjusted better to the aviary situation had they been given more time. They never got into fights or anything just didn't seem to get along as well with the other birds.

I currently have two hand-reared IRNs. We got one first and worked with her for about a year and then we got our second one. They are both quite tame - although the first one is possibly more strongly bonded to us.... and the second is more strongly bonded to our first bird.

Hope that helps!


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Re: Already have IRN's, Want a tame one though...

Post by xx_sheena_xx » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:02 pm

have you ever thought about breeding you female with one of the males?

if you do, you could handraise the babies and that way you would get a friendly one.

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Re: Already have IRN's, Want a tame one though...

Post by jimmyjack » Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:29 am

ellie that must have been horrible! i dont know what else i can say.

i have to agree with sheena - it seems the logical conclusion. youve got the birds, make it happen! you'll save money, and it wont affect your bird's wellbeing. AND it will be more special to you as you know the parents! (my theory anyway)

from what ive read, put in some breeding boxes and see how it goes. best to put in more than one so as not to cause fights incase several go for it! it might take some time, but i think its definately worth a try.

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