I just got food thrown at me LOL


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I just got food thrown at me LOL

Post by Sash4 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:32 am

I am working on the bluff attacks when taking the food bowls in and out, I do the "not putting the food in if they attack" which is doing alright , but a few times ive given them an exchange for the bowl, So it doesnt seem to them that im stealing the food away,
Well tikko the wee sod, took his exchange treat then when i put in his food, He actually flew upto it, picked out a piece of Fruit and threw it at me!!!

As if to say " here you can have a piece , but your not getting the bowl!!!! Wish i caught it on camera, it was so funny and delibirate!!!

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Re: I just got food thrown at me LOL

Post by 333greenbean333 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:33 pm

Wow, that is funny. I can just imagen that. I use to have a indian ringneck who was very tame and i would always let him sit out side of his cage. He was a very cheeky 1. anyway he would just be sitting there silent on his perch. and just say i am eating popcorn watching a movie, he would fly silently over onto the floor crawl up my beanbag, and wait for me to take a piece of popcorn and then as i would take it to my mouth he would take it. I never knew it was him, i just thought it was falling out of my hand. And then he would scream in my eye hello geogous.

So yer my ringneck was a food stealer. I would be eating pancakes 1 morning and he would swoop down and steal a pancake and flyoff. he would then hide and eat it all. Like u said befor it would be good if it was catched on camera.

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