"Training" how much is just too much??


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"Training" how much is just too much??

Post by Sash4 » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:17 am

Everyone loves to see parrots talking, doing tricks etc,,, i cant wait to try a few when my parrots are ready,
Yes parrots have the ability to learn anything, do you feel though that there is a point when parrot trick training becomes too much,,
I mean should it be for your own personal family and the birds to have fun and maybe show off to a few friends, Or is it a routine that is in place to get the parrot to perform an endless list of achievements,
for the whole world to see??
Is there a point when a parrot stops becoming a Pet? and turns into a circus act with strict diets and weight charts to enable the best training regime, in order to get the next trick??

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Re: "Training" how much is just too much??

Post by smallworld » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:45 am

Good question.

We train our birds as a form of entertainment for them too. I find that it keeps them occupied and since they're such intelligent little things, it gives them a good mental work out as well. I've never put videos out of my birds. They only do tricks in front of really close friends or family. I dont know how much too much is but I'm sure there is a point. We stop when they turn away or get bored. Then we just play around with them. I feel alot of people train their birds to satisfy something in them. Alot get a kick out of showing their birds off on youtube, I guess. I know some people buy birds, especially ringnecks so they'd talk or do tricks. I think it would be nice if they do, but if my birds dont, then hey I still want them. They're still family. I know people who gave a bird up just because it couldnt learn to talk. I think thats mean and thats the same as abandoning your family because they dont look good or something. If that makes sense :)

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