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Unwanted Nesting behavior

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Unwanted Nesting behavior

Post by LilMissPopcornIRN » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:02 pm

So Popcorn is a 9 year old creamino. She has epilepsy and clipping her wings causes more frequent and severe seizures so is not an option. She is an independent bird who don’t need no man or human for that matter. But every once in a while she gets crazy hormonal and wants to mate with all of her toys and I’m not about that breeding life. Until this year, I was able to discourage nesting behavior by removing shredding objects from her cage, but this year she persisted and started regurgitating for the first time to her toys. After speaking with her vet, we determined that the best course of intervention would be to use a hormonal implant. She did really well with that for about three months to four months, but now it seems that she is back in full swing, which is about the timeline we expected the implant to last. They offer injections as well, but they last a shorter amount of time, and every time I take her to the vet, I put her at risk for seizure since she stresses out so much about getting into the carrier. (She also has a history of abuse before I got her at 11 months old.) I noticed that she has started regurgitating again and removed the specific toy, And she is limited to certain types of toys in her cage. I noticed this morning that she did not poop right away as usual, and I of course had concern for whether or not she had become egg bound. She has never laid an egg, and knock on wood, I certainly hope she never will. She finally plopped a little one about 45 minutes later. Otherwise she’s acting like her normal sassy self and is showing interest in food and seems to just really want to get out of her cage where I am monitoring her poop.
Two questions, does anyone have ideas for what can encourage their IRN to poop when you need to make sure that they can? Also how do you non-breeders manage female hormones so they don’t have to go through this all the time? (please consider that I am an experienced and knowledgeable owner of an IRN and a CAG. She is on a healthy diet rich with a variety of minerals and vitamins, she spends a lot of time in a window with natural sunlight, and has UVA lighting in her cage. I also give her calcium supplements especially when she is showing signs of nesting behavior.) As we speak I just caught her regurgitating for another toy that is now out of sight. This bird though!

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Re: Unwanted Nesting behavior

Post by AJPeter » Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:56 am

Diet plays an important part in the hormonal behaviour. As soon as my 8 year old hen shows signs of hormonal behaviour, masturbation, flying to the floor looking for places to nest cut back on her diet, every thing sweet and anything starch gradually over several weeks she grows less hormonal then l can start putting sweet things back and she can have very small amounts of starchy foods,

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