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Help taming a rescued adult IRN (urgent)

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Help taming a rescued adult IRN (urgent)

Post by reeisconfused » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:58 am

Hello everyone. We rescued an IRN from this person who kept the parrot in a really cramped cage. The cage was extremely small and he had absolutely no space to move around. He was fed really poorly as well.
We got him three days ago. First thing we did was move him to a bigger cage and feed him.
He is extremely scared of us and I understand that he probably will be for a while because of how he was kept. Moreover, we think that the person who kept him probably caught the IRN from a forest or from the wild.
Secondly, he is definately 3 years or older because he has a perfect ring around his neck.
He was extremely (very very very) dirty and we had to bathe him - we did it by spraying water on him. (I think that scared him even more but it HAD to be done).

Few questions -
Could anyone please suggest some ways I could tame him? He is an adult and untamed. He is very afraid of me and he starts trembling if I could near him. I fear that he may die from stress of us being near.
He’s very quiet (not a sound since he came here) and in perfect health. We haven’t clipped his wings. After being through everything, do you think he’ll ever talk? (even as simple as making sounds?)

I want to let him out of his cage so that he understands that he isn’t trapped here. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? and if I did let him out, how would I get him back inside? He is VERY scared of hands.

He also paces back and forth in his cage a lot as if he’s looking for something or tensed? Do you know why?

If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know below. I’m very concerned for the little guy and appreciate any help I can get.

Thank ou.

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