My bird is acting strange HELP!

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My bird is acting strange HELP!

Postby Lunax » Mon May 15, 2017 11:27 am

hey guys i'm a new IRN mom (just got my bird 3 days ago!) and i love him! i named him Cedric Beakory (after Cedric Diggory in the HP films) only problem about him is, he was brought up from a place of neglect. they placed birds of different breeds all in one room (but different cages) with nothing but a wooden perch, food, water and a place to sleep. I knew he was going to be tough to crack looking at the state of his cage. He is a bit old, he lived there for quite some time and is TERRIFIED of me. i try to feed him fruit ( he only ever eaten seeds) but he thrashes in his cage and all he does all day is climb his cage, and its a large one with a good toy for him to chew on and ring the bell. he doesnt know how to play with the toy and never stops moving. he only eats and drinks when i leave the house for school or coursework which concerns me. im going to be clipping his wings so he is easier to handle and train but he is worrying me! The first 15 minutes of bringing him home he was bleeding on his wing because he thrashed so much! please explain whats wrong with my bird and how i can help him understand im here to help not hurt. if i get 3ft close to his cage is gets shaky and starts to breathe fast.

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Re: My bird is acting strange HELP!

Postby AJPeter » Fri May 19, 2017 6:39 am

Your bird has to learn to trust you, read more on our site and you will find the answers, sit by his cage when you eat your meals, I would not clip his wings l think it makes them more aggressive. Let us know how you get on with Cedric.

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