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Alexandrine Parakeets help on age/food/sex

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Alexandrine Parakeets help on age/food/sex

Post by romanxdsouza » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:12 pm

Hi to all members im new on here n would need some help please..i have hand raised Alexandrine Parakeets in the past ..just need some answers to a few question to brush up my knowledge..

1-how do i download pic and keep sayin file to big even for a single pic?

2- my alex is less than a month i assume because his pin feathers are not opened yet...(sorry cant get throu pics) assuming it is less than 1month , i have brought exact kaytee formula took around half a spoon(with the blue spoon provided) then added hot water, used 2 half spoon water with the same blue spoon in the box....mixed well..till it was room temperature n fed the chick with a bent spoon....fed till the crop was nice n fully round then stoped???? My question is am i correct?and for how long do i feed this formula days/months.??? When can i introduce ...fruits,geens,veggies,nuts,grains...etc

3- if i manage to put a pic on video (attchd vid below hope it works)can some one tell me if its a male or female????i do know that dna is 100percent and ring around neck in 3yrs,but im sure there would be some gurus in this feild on here...any place in mumbai were dna?can be done?would be helpfull

4-any suggestion on names ..a name wich could be used for a male/ if it turns out female..i would not need to change name...if male im thinking of romeo

5-when can i start training him/her...basic tricks???after how many days/months?

Thank you all members will keep u posted

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Re: Alexandrine Parakeets help on age/food/sex

Post by AJPeter » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:18 am

You have to make a certain number of posts before you put photos on, Search Photos. How about Jo-jo ? My Alex hen is called Billie after Billie Halliday the jazz singer. Check out the other forums

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