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This is Dante

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This is Dante

Post by Dante » Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:12 am

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself:

My name is Dante, and I am an Alexandrine Parakeet.
I was hatched on 13 Oct 2013, and just moved to my new house yesterday.
I'm a boy (I knew that all along), but I have DNA paperwork that proves it to the guy that is typing this introduction for me.
Speaking of these people, there are three of them. One big ugly one with a lot of strange feathers growing from his chin. Then two others that look strikingly the same, however, one seems to be older.....I think I'll call her Mom.
Oh yeah, and there's an obnoxious little budgie that keeps checking me out from his cage.....I'll decide later whether to eat him, or be friends.
Everyone is talking sweet to me, and no one is attempting to man-handle me, so I appreciate that at this time.
I am wasting no time digging into my pellets, fresh fruit and veg. The big-guy put a few nuts in my bowl, and I really like these, but if I understood him correctly, it sounds like he is going to reserve these for taming and training treats....yeah, we'll see who trains who, mister feather-chin!

I'd like to continue my posts from time to time, to let everyone know how well I am getting along with the big-people, and how well I can get them trained.
I'll even post some pics here soon, but I believe the feather-chinned guy needs to get some more updates on here first.

So, hello all for now, and if you're interested, follow along with my adventures.......if not, just ignore me like the strange, furry, four-legged animal that comes and peeks at me in my cage, then wanders off. (Don't worry...I think I could take him!)

Dante out

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Re: This is Dante

Post by AJPeter » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:55 pm

Hallo Dante, welcome to our forum. I have an Alexandrine hen called Billie.

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