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Lutino Ringneck Parrot

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:44 pm
by KCBird
I've had birds before:

Love Birds

They all passed away from myself being a child and from an adult. I'm now twenty six years old and I've been thinking about getting a bird again. I've thought about getting an African Parrot but Bowie the Lutino Ringneck Parrot caught my attention. I've been watching"Bowie" for quite sometime on YouTube, and I fell in love.

I live in the United States but I'm not sure if I can get an Lutino Ringneck Parrot legally. I use to have a Sugar Glider name Sugar and supposedly they aren't illgegal from where I'm from, I never really looked into it much. What's the difference? I love birds, they're intelligent and they surely amaze me.

I don't know much about Lutino Ringneck Parrots, are they good companions? I also have a cat her name is Shasha and two Siberian Huskies, Mishka and Molly. Cab I have them around the bird?

Please help!

- KCBird

Re: Lutino Ringneck Parrot

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 pm
by MissK
Hi. You can buy an Indian Ringneck in a pet store (though I wouldn't) in the United States, but they are illegal in a very few areas on the East Coast. New Jersey is mainly where I'm thinking, but I haven't checked the law lately as I'm in Maryland and we're fine.

I would urge you to exercise EXTREME CAUTION in making the decision based on watching Bowie. He probably really is one in a million (maybe a thousand....). If you want a bird who acts like that, you need to buy one that already acts like that. His behaviour is exceptional. I would expect to hit the lottery twice - the BIG one - before I would ever dream of my birds acting like Bowie.

I'm sorry to say that, while you know your other pets best, I think the Husky has a very strong prey drive and is certainly capable of destroying a typical bird cage. I would not combine Huskies with pet birds, personally. Cats have varying amounts of prey drive, and it's possible your's would not care. However, if he did care, eventually he would probably get your bird. I would hesitate a long time before suggesting you get any bird with two Huskies and a cat in the same house.

Re: Lutino Ringneck Parrot

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:22 am
by Wessel Gordon

Getting any bird (especially one as intelligent as an Indian Ringneck or African Grey, for example) to do tricks or to speak a few words takes a lot of patience and probably multipied by a million times the same amount of time so to teach a bird is only for the very committed with very little else to do. Something elseyou have to consider is that the birds you see doing tricks on Youtube have a very strong bond with their handler and simply building that bond alone (before you start thinking of learning your new friend tricks) take a lot of hard work and time. Those birds, in my view, are simply excellent examples of what these amazing animals are capable of in the right hands. Therefor you have to seriously consider your motivation for getting a bird and if you are really up to the challenge. You also have to consider what might happen if the particular bird you fell in love with and bought isn't a natural born performer and fall short of the standards you see on video sites. Also keep in mind if the bird isn't a natural performer and your attention dwells to other pursuits the bird will end up bored and lonely and quite possibly start exhibiting undesirable traits like screaming uncontrollably or plucking it's feathers.

As far as the other pets are concerned I fully endorse MissK's view that you will need to exercise extreme caution. My own household is made up of two humans, four dogs of various sizes, two cats, 5 Indian Ringnecks and a Congo African Grey. We all live in relative harmony as long as everyone remembers the rules and his place in the pecking order but even then we sometimes have to intervene to stop games that escalate into hunting trips. The only bird allowed 'out of cage time' is the African Grey and only when I'm around. The two cats grew up with pet birds in the house so 99.9% of the time they will just give the birds a disdainful look if they get too noisy. So it's certainly possible to have a multi-species household and have your sanity intact but as MissK pointed out it will take some serious consideration first.

Re: Lutino Ringneck Parrot

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:50 am
by Wessel Gordon

I hope I wasn't too harsh in my first response (I certainly didn't mean to put you off getting another bird). My sole purpose was to make you ask yourself one honest question with all available information: ''Why do I really want a bird?''.