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Any breeders in the US?

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Any breeders in the US?

Post by JannyTerra » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:49 pm

I live in Dallas Texas but I am willing to pay airline shipping, any breeders? I would prefer tame, but really anything is good.

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Re: Any breeders in the US?

Post by ringneck » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:29 am

If you live in Southern California--you can head over to Magnolia Bird Farm, the riverside location, and they have a huge aviary of them. Each bird costs about $120 I believe.

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Re: Any breeders in the US?

Post by ARNnewbie » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:17 am

Any breeders that ship or are close to the New York area? I am looking for a friend for my african ringneck

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