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Very productive first full day!

A place to talk about all species, apart from our Ringnecks. Please, post video and pics when available.

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Very productive first full day!

Post by pattiB » Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:05 pm

Gracie Bleu is doing well. She's so sweet. Today we set her up and waited patiently for her to make her first move into our family. She went from inside her cage on her favorite perch to coming down to the perches closer to where we sat talking with her. Later this afternoon we put her stand in a position by her opened cage door. I put a few treats right outside her cage on the edge of the perch. She worked her way down to them and enjoyed. THEN, she, on her own, decided to come all the way out of the cage. Up on top of the cage and played with her toys! She's been on the move every since, just chilling outside and playing. We all were taking turns talking to her and just standing by her while she was out. I decided to try to see if she would eat an apple piece from my hand. And after she thought about it, she did! I was so thrilled! She's seeming to really calm down and take in her new surroundings. She did make it back into her cage to eat some and then came out again. I do have a question. HOPEFULLY when it gets to dusk she will head back inside on her own. I know she knows "step up" but she's still a bit concerned about us new flock members. I don't want to do anything to undo all she's done today. If she doesn't go back in on her own, should I just have her step up and put her in? I know she will, but I think she's probably going try and walk away from my hand. I guess I could try the treat and step up together? Thoughts? Advice? It's been such a wonderful first full day! We are soooooo pleased!
I'm also trying to load a photo but it says the file is too big. ugh. I'm so not a techie in the department.

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Re: Very productive first full day!

Post by JoeysMom » Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:47 am

So glad to here your new baby is doing well! It sounds like she is going to have a great home, as you are doing an excellent job getting her acclimated to her new home. I would try getting her to step up, and placing her in the cage for bedtime. Let us know how it goes! :D

-Joeys Mom
-Joey's Mom

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