Hand gently touch the shiny surface

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Hand gently touch the shiny surface

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:29 pm

<p>mdf faux wood siding for houses<br />
<br />
new age white plastic ranch fence</p>
Evaluation summary:
Seven true New + wood flooring, using Japanese technology. The surface uses all-around adhesion factor all-natural paint, does not contain melamine and other substances that endanger the health, with high scratch resistance, high adhesion characteristics, the use of safety and more at ease. And with natural texture, delicate and clear solid wood look, healthier and more beautiful. Six-sided high-tech all-purpose moisture-proof </p>
<p>technology, so water vapor non-porous into. And the technology also completely solve the traditional laminate flooring because of direct sunlight, climate change caused by discoloration and fading problems. In addition, this floor with innovative technology after the arc lock, the installation without the use of glue, U-shaped chamfering laying, </p>
<p>leaching paint technology, use and maintenance more simple and convenient.
Evaluation of the total score (10 points): 9.7
Splicing effect: 9.6
Wear resistance: 9.8
Waterproof: 9.7
Antifouling performance: 9.6 (Sohu home)
2014 wood-plastic floor decoration with the trend analysis (Figure)</p>

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