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The company is located in:

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:18 pm

<p>vendor recycling plastic pipe<br />
<br />
no expansion patio paver benches</p><br />
Interior design ground design is a very important element, so WPC flooring and walls, ceilings and other household products together to create the overall interior design atmosphere. At the same time, for the design of the ground, in the creative and sense of design, but also to consider, for example, anti-skid, texture, environmental protection, the characteristics of the crowd and other issues.
Technological innovation is a prerequisite for the development of creative ideas.</p>
<p> The innovation of ground technology, whether it is subtle changes in textures, patterns, splicing, or even more innovations and breakthroughs, can all play an important role in developing interior design ideas. So what are the new trends in the development of wood-plastic flooring industry in 2014?
Wood floor design warm home
The biggest design highlight of 2014 may be academic geometry, lines, squares, and straightforward geometric patterns.</p>
<p> Stripes show vitality, lively and lovely grid. Only from the original design more and more attention, in 2014 the market, bright original design must worry about the market sales.</p>

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