and inferior products are completely different

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and inferior products are completely different

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:03 am

<p>a high velocity of motion, collide with each other in the atmosphere, and continue to gather to form large or medium ions. Only small ions, or small ion clusters, can enter the organism. The small negative oxygen ions, or small negative oxygen ion groups, have good biological activity. The moving speed of ions under the electric field of unit intensity (V / m) is called the ion mobility, which is an </p>
<p>important parameter to distinguish the size of the measured ions. The smaller the air ion diameter, the faster its migration speed. Ion mobility is an important parameter to express the size of the ion to be measured. The ion velocity is inversely proportional to the ion diameter, and the ion mobility is proportional to the ion velocity. Therefore, the ion mobility is negatively proportional to the ion </p>
<p>diameter. 3, the anion anion negative ion mechanism occurs when the water molecules in the air into the negative ions in the electric field space (usually a radius of 10-15 micron sphere) is immediately permanent ionization. H2O H- + H + occurs. Because H moves fast (H + moves 1.8 times as much as OH-), it rapidly moves to the negative pole of the permanent electrode, absorbs an electron </p>
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