The reason why the floor can produce negative

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The reason why the floor can produce negative

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:48 pm

<p>floor is simply to continue to produce negative ions in the floor surface of the floor, this floor has the effect of dispelling the smell, won the favor of consumers. Below we learn more about negative ion floor knowledge. Negative ion floor, simply to be able to release negative ions floor. The main component of negative ion occluder Anion is a crystal structure, belonging to the tripartite system, space </p>
<p>point group R3m system is a typical polar crystal, the crystal R3m point group asymmetric center, the C axis The positive and negative charges in the direction can not coincide with each other and there is no symmetric center. Therefore, both ends of the crystal crystal form a positive electrode and a negative electrode, and the positive and negative electrodes at both ends do not die out in the </p>
<p>absence of an applied electric field, so the &quot;permanent electrode&quot; A permanently charged body. Able to produce negative ions on the floor surface of the floor, known as the negative ion wood floor, the negative ions is negative oxygen ions (H3O2-O2-), at room temperature and normal conditions, the air of water and oxygen can not be negative into negative ions, In the strong electric field under </p>
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