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IRN Question

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IRN Question

Post by Omnipatty » Tue May 10, 2016 6:46 pm

I've been doing lots of reading on this site. It seems everyone is posting IRN's are biters and untamable. Is this true. I am putting a deposit on one tomorrow but am worried now ugh

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Re: IRN Question

Post by AJPeter » Mon May 16, 2016 10:41 am

Go ahead and buy your bird it is not true to say they are biters but they will bite, try and imagine that you have a beak and to claws how are you going to defend your space? Most of the time they do not understand their own strength and the rest of the time they do not appreciate we have soft centres. Once your new bird settles in it will feel that its cage is its castle and woe be tide if you put your hand in, once they gel to you they will mouth you hand but if you do not desist then expect a bite, l have an Alexandrine hen and she bites me if she thinks l am getting too cocky, but it depends on the time of the year for her, the breeding season is the worse then follows mouilting when she feels all itchy. It takes time and you can train them not to bit, read the good posts not all the bad ones.

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Re: IRN Question

Post by valcoff » Sat May 21, 2016 8:44 pm

I had a female grey IRN fly in some time ago. I could not handle her, she was either aviary bred (not tame) or frightened. I had to separate her from the others for a specific reason and she had a turn around. Because I put her in a cage approx .800x.800x1.500high and I was the only person to feed her, she became tame to my touch. She has never bitten me and I can pick her up. It took time, but soft spoken words and a lot of sweet talking can often bring a bird around.
All birds will bite if they are frightened, or don't know you. You need to have a lot of time for the bird. So go ahead and buy her and she will be fine. She may even learn to talk to you.
I had a rescue sulphur crest that was sick given to me. He was wild but only took 9 months to tame. I had him for about 11 yrs until he passed away. I posted about him last year. He loved a scratch and could say a few words when he felt like it.
Good luck and enjoy your bird.

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