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dinner time

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do your fids eat dinner at the table with you?

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dinner time

Post by ambros1a » Fri Jan 05, 2007 5:55 am

hey guys, i was looking at some photos on my phone today, showing off the fids at work and came across this one, and had to share it i laughed so much when i had to tell my friend what it was lol


she was thinkin we had kids lol, untill i told her thats dinner for me, my man and the fids haha close enough though lol they have to have something of everything we have (cept the meat that night, even though she ended up stealin a rib off my mans plate lol, she doesnt want her own plate put it on the side of yours, so she THINKS shes stealing it lol and shes happy as :shock: lmao arch hasnt quite gotten the hang of family dinner time so he flaps off back to his cage (we take him out, he goes straight back, dont matter which cage, but the safety of ANY cage we think) which of course makes loki fly off and stuff then dinners screwed up, we end up letting them walk around on the carpet while we finish eating, put them back and clean up lol.. did i really think this is easier than kids? actually.. on second thought : scratch that : oh HELL YES it is lmao ( it can wait a bit longer, least till the fids grow up a bit hehe my parents will love that :p)

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Post by ~*Gwennie*~ » Fri Jan 05, 2007 4:29 pm

Lou will throw a tantrum if i don't let him out while i'm eating. Apparently i'm hiding something if he's in his cage while eating.
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Post by DEEDEE » Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:44 am

Our Cocatiel used to eat with us, also if we had a sandwich at tea time he would sit on your shoulder and nibble your lip if you didnt offer him any, he would eat anything, loved crisps. RIP Cocky of 17 years. Sadley our IRNs are not Tame enough to want to be part of the family yet. Still working on it, and sure I'm winning

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