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Post by megin » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:08 am

I took in a had tamed Lutino ringneck. In our house we have a large enclosed verandah where our handheld are aloud to roam around. In this area we also have 3 cages of budgies. 1 pair per cage. 1 pair came with a box in the cage and had laid some eggs.

When we go out all birds get put in there cage. We were up in the hospital with our baby when my partner came home quickly to check on everyone when we found the ringneck in the budgie cage. The female budgie had a spot of blood on her forehead. My partner didn't know how she got in there and figured he must not have locked her in her own cage.

He put her away n 7 hours later when he got home he went out and found her in there again. Budgies were dead and she was sitting in front of the next box. The female budgie had no legs and practically no head. The male had a hole in his head.

Eggs were safe as she couldn't get in there.

Now I've put her in a cage and locks on all doors. I've put a breeding box in her cage. She sits in it most of the day n night.
At her old home there was a male ringneck n we bought him too. My partner let's him in there a couple hours a day to see what happens.

I called the previous owner to ask has she done this before. He said she knows how to lift up little doors and she has split the tongue of another bird before.

Why did she only hunt down the budgies that had eggs.??
Does she want to breed??
Should I let her breed or is she to messed up and will her babies turn out crazy like her??

Plz help me. I want the best for this poor little Feathered friend.
The previous owner said she is about 5 to 7 years old. Had her 3 to 4 of those years and doesn't know if she had bred before or not..

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Post by Melika » Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:47 am

I'm sorry for your losses. It is hard to come home to something like that. We, as humans, have difficulty understanding animals in this way. Simple answer is: she killed the budgies because she wanted to. These are wild animals that we're keeping in cages in our homes and they act as they are- wild. Did she view them as competition for a nesting site? Was she being hormonal? Is she just that violent with other (or smaller) birds? I don't think we can answer any of these questions and be 100% correct. There is just so much we don't know about parrots!

The bigger questions here, I think, are, did she do something wrong and can you live with that? I don't see that she did anything wrong. She acted in a way that she, as a wild animal, can be expected to act. We can't make sense of it- for to our human thinking it was senseless murder. Can you accept that you are living with a wild and sometimes unpredictable (to you) creature for the next twenty years? That's a self-reflection question that you don't have to answer here, but should think upon. Forgive me as I do not know your background with parrots so am writing from the presumption that parrots are new for you, so this is a very important question for you to answer yourself.

Ellie, I think, will have some things to add about female IRN behavior and hormones as I think she has experienced a broader spectrum than many of us here. You can read about a lot of her struggles here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14905 and she has been kind enough to keep us updated so we can learn from her and Janey!
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