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People's comments have yr say while shoppin with our baby

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Our baby
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People's comments have yr say while shoppin with our baby

Post by Our baby » Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:24 pm

I an my wife go away most weekends when we do i take my parrot with us on our way home we drop into the shops to do our weekly shop ive had no problem till yesterday while in this shop with my bird on my shoulder carryin on talkin an whistlerin my wife doin her stuff i got ask to leave by the manager as no pets allowed in the store fare enough while leavein another customer started on me about my bird sayin they are filthy disease carryin parasites i looked at her an said my bird has more brains than most humans he eats more healthyer than you an is not over weight like you an more better lookin than you while all this was happenin she was filmin the lot i put my baby in the car an returned to the shop while in the shop the lady came up to me again an said were is yr bird i said mind yr own bussines lady nicely she turn around an said its in yr jacket i said no she called me a liar 2 times well round 2 here it goes while still filmin me she said to my wife yr husband is a liar he has the bird in his jacket silly women she copped a mouthful while i tried draggin my wife back in the end we got ask to leave the store my baby understood what happen as he kept carryin on all the way home anyone else had a bad experience
My baby

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Re: People's comments have yr say while shoppin with our bab

Post by ellieelectrons » Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:38 pm

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. I don't take mine out with me much as they are fully-flighted and I've never been able to harness train them. Personally, though, I wouldn't take them inside a store, I might take them to an alfresco cafe but I don't think I'd take them anywhere else as Australia is very strict on pets. I wouldn't take them anywhere that doesn't allow little dogs, for example. We were on our way home from holidays once and we were eating takeaway at a picnic table outside of a store with our birds in a little cage and I did manage to get a lecture from a lady about how those birds should be free and in the wild. We talked calmly and gently to her and she calmed down somewhat.

Also, could I ask you to put some punctuation in your next post? Full stops would be helpful. It's a bit hard to read when there are no punctuation marks.

Take care.


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Re: People's comments have yr say while shoppin with our bab

Post by MissK » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:06 pm

I stopped at a supermarket on the way back home from the vet with my Budgie (she was fine). Could not bring myself to leave her in the car, so I put a towel over her travel cage in the shopping cart. People near me were heard to comment "There must be a bird in the store...."

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Re: People's comments have yr say while shoppin with our bab

Post by SunniDai » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:59 am

Now I was told by a door greeter at Walmart that I could not bring Sunni into the store. I took her back out into the car. Then I walked back in and saw a border collie on a leash???? Seriously??? If that thing poops, it's on the floor. If mine poops, it's on me. Since then I have seen so many dogs in the store. And they cannot claim service animal on a dog that sits in a purse!! :P
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