through the paint spraying equipment

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through the paint spraying equipment

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:14 am

<p>great significance, so the domestic large enterprises have introduced the German import cutting equipment to ensure quality. The eleventh step: spray paint drying finalize the groove of the floor, through the paint spraying equipment. After the eight primer, four finish of the coating, the finished surface of the floor will be moist and full of toughness. After the end of the whole process of production, just sorting packaging. The above content is the production process </p>
<p>of processing house Xiaobian introduce solid wood flooring, we hope to help the understanding of solid wood flooring. If you want to know more knowledge of solid wood flooring, welcome attention to the house decoration network.What is the material of the steel floor? The whole steel floor is also called the movable floor, the engine room floor, all steel elevated floor, anti-static floor. The following detailed understanding of the material under the </p>
<p>knowledge of the steel floor. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; first, the floor of the floor material for all steel components, the bottom of the deep tensile steel plate, the surface of the steel plate, the upper and lower plate stamping. The floor is made of imported cold plate by drawing the matrix welded on board for super hard steel plate, plate for deep drawing plate, floor surface treated with conductive epoxy resin, filled with foamed cement, and can be applied to the surface of </p>
<p>10mm plywood board in Kenya<br />
process of producing plastics<br />
fence panels ireland composite</p>

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