11.6-11.14 Supernova come,7% off runescape sell gold start selling on Rsorder

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11.6-11.14 Supernova come,7% off runescape sell gold start selling on Rsorder

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If you have a Multiplier Gem on the board, and are runescape gold able to swap your Hyper Cube with a color that's the same as your Multiplier Gem, choose to do that first. If you do not have a Multiplier Gem on the board, try to wait until you have built up a large number of like colored gems on the board so that you can explode MORE THAN 12 gems. Remember, doing that creates a Multiplier Gem! You will almost always get a multiplier when you use your hypercube, but it's good to check the board to make sure that it does look like there are 12 just to be safe and not miss out on the Multiplier opportunity..

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