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update on Bandit

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update on Bandit

Post by happybird » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:24 am

Hi all

I thought I would update you all on my IRN Bandit, who was handraised in a prison and initially had affection only for my husband. We got him about 6 months ago. Recently, after a lot of persistence he has started to show affection for me, and has started nuzzling and chirping with me the way he does with my husband. Although my husband is still his no 1, but I do feel like he loves and trusts me, which is great.

The bird project in the prison seems to be in jeopardy and they have stopped handrearing birds, although the prisoners have been allowed to keep their personal birds. I recently left bandit their for two weeks when we went on holiday, and he was cared for by the man who raised him, and it is proving a great relationship, he came back calm and happy. The prisoner kept his brother, and told me bandit had a great time with his original family, but also seems happy to be home.

I am very sad that theyre not continuing to raise birds in the prison - apparently management did not buy into the project. it seems like such wonderful thing when so little in south african prisons seems to be rehabilitative or therapeutic and we have massive prison population in South Africa. The prisoner concerned did indicate they may be taking on chicks again in the future, so lets hope it happens.

Also, I am told that bandit is girl. I apologize for calling her him throughout this post, but its still a habit!The prisoner says its clear when she"s next to her brother, although she's only 10 months old.

Hope youre all well!

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