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Update on Laverene and Shirley...

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Update on Laverene and Shirley...

Post by ShirleyBird » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:14 am

It has been since June of last year that we have had the girls,they are 16 mths old and growing beautifully. They are fully flighted and Shirley says Hello...they also are VERY vocal when the dog barks or phone or doorbell rings. They still can't be handled but they do step up on a perch and take treats very softly from hands.They love to get into anything that looks interesting and LOVE to get misted. They are unfortunately are caged up to 5 hrs a day(not including nights) now due to my work, so they are very happy to see me We also have gotten a new addition...Tico, a cockatiel. The kids wanted a bird they could handle and be "friends" with, so they broke me down. He IS a wonderful boy (though I never wanted a tiel)...Laverne HATES him(I found this out by her flying to his cage and trying to get him through the bars.) due to size difference they are always separated so it doesn't matter too much. It makes it easier that everyone is flighted so they mainly just stay away from him and besides he is a shoulder bird anyways. He however does LOVE Shirley and is constantly trying to woo her(she even makes contact calls to him when he's not around), even though he's never been close to her, he sings to her from his cage at night and she makes noises back. It's cute to hear.I'll try to get some video posted soon of it...hopefully, Tico is camera Well, that's all from us..hope everyone else is doing well.....

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Re: Update on Laverene and Shirley...

Post by ellieelectrons » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:27 pm

Thanks for the update. Lovely to hear they are going well.


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