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Sorry to Sound so Newby but...

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Sorry to Sound so Newby but...

Post by Pipper » Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:13 pm


I have a female lutino Indian Ringneck. I have a question about her:

1) If not for that fact she is lutino does that means she is always 100% green and not autosomally split to any other color?

I think the answer is she must be 100% green hidden by the lutino sex mutation and not blue hidden by the lutino mutation or some other color variant hidden by the lutino mutation.

In April I will be getting a male Green split to blue Indian Ringneck. I want to breed them if they like each other and so tried to figure out what their offspring would be.

2) Assuming that the answer to my question 1 is 100% green hidden by lutino sex mutation my question is what would the offspring by like for my female lutino IRN & male blue split to green.

My guess is 100% visible green divided as follows:

Female: Green (normal) 50%
Male: Green (normal) 12.5%, Green (split to blue) 12.5%, Green (normal, split to lutino) 12.5%, Green (split to blue, split to lutino) 12.5%

Is that correct?

I'm guessing that female or male don't have any other sex linked coloring traits besides lutino for the female. And if it's true a female lutino is always a green normal without any other autosomal coloring traits I'm assuming the male green split to blue is an autosomal normal green split to autosomal blue and has not any of these other autosomal coloring traits although I don't know how to tell that unless the autosomal traits show up in both green and blue IRNs and one of you know to tell me so.


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