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Why are my ringneck eggs not fertile?

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:21 pm
by sfonoti
Hi everyone new to the whole ringneck breeding. We have had our male ringneck for a number of years and at the beginning of the year decided to get him a female mate. The previous owner told us that last breeding season she had successfully hatched a number of eggs so was hoping that she would be able to do the same with our male. She has layed five eggs and we were all excited but from what I've researched they were supposed to hatch nearly two weeks ago. So today I decided to check the eggs under the light to see if they were indeed fertile and none of them had babies in there. I was so devastated and haven't told the kids yet. I removed the eggs and put them in our incubator so the kids didn't know that were unfertile. (Note we have an incubator for when we hatch baby chickens) Praying for a miracle they will but highly unlikely. Is there a chance she will lay again this breeding season and this time be fertile?