How to keep a pair happy but prevent babies

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How to keep a pair happy but prevent babies

Postby Mint&Lulu » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:39 am

I'm new to IRN ownership. I took on a sweet little green male 'Mint' last year from a family who didn't have time for him. I felt sorry for him being left alone all day and they were happy to give him to me. He is a sweetie but became quite screechy and demanding. So to make him happy we recently purchased a lonely yellow girl 'Lulu' from a breeder/rescuer. She despised him at first but he was completely smitten and the goal was achieved. He quieted down and seemed much happier just for her presence. No matter how many times she puffed up and struck at him, he would patiently attempt to woo her again and again. Now, we've had a breakthrough but it's gone so far the other way that I'm panicking about babies. She is looking for a nest and they are feeding each other and I'm sure it will all be consummated very soon. I don't want to breed them though - I just want them to be happy.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I assume this will happen once a year. Could I just replace her eggs as soon as they're laid so she gets to sit but none are hatched?
Thanks in advance
Lisa :)

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