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Mounting problem

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Mounting problem

Post by moonstone5879 » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:58 am

Hi everyone hope you might have some advice for me I have a breeding pair of IRN and they have had 3 clutches all infertial so I was thinking that one of them must be infertial themselves but I have been observing them and the male doesn't understand how to mount her sometimes he will lift a foot and put it on her back for just a quick second but never actually mounts her and sometimes he will not even do that but he ends up maturbating on the perch right beside her. Have any of you experienced this? Is there someway I can get him to mount and breed her? Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Mounting problem

Post by ringneck » Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:45 pm

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can really do at the moment. When I used to breed some of my pairs would take up to three years to get it "right."

How old are the pairs that you are breeding? If the birds are still very young I would dismiss this is nothing more than inexperience. Now, were these three consecutive years we're talking about or two breeding seasons?

If you are trying to breed, you might want to get a more mature male as I'm sure he can get the job done.

I hope this helps. Often times, a younger pair will often starve their babies as this too is a sign of parents not knowing what to do. :(

Best wishes, :wink:


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