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Confusion regarding the laid eggs!!

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Confusion regarding the laid eggs!!

Post by INRlove » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:21 am

So i raised my female parrot and now its been 4 she used to show the sign that she wants to mate...whenever she used to see me she would lower her head and make a mating position..this behaviour was only seen towards me and none of the other in our i got her a hen just got crazy when i introduced her to the male...she preened her....tried feeding her..and also bathed out of excitement at the same time preening the male...the male showed no interest and would run away from her...then after a week both got used to each other...they would stay hours in the nest box...the female would keep scratching the nest box for hours...but they never mate in front of me....for example if both male and female were out of the nest box and female would make the mating position when she saw me then the male just kissed and preened it making whistling voice...but never mounted on the female...i cannot say if they mated in the nest box but out of the nest box they never did...and also the female never made that position for the male in front of today i saw an egg in the nest box...are they going to be fertile eggs or the female just layed it??? Please help me experts!!

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Re: Confusion regarding the laid eggs!!

Post by ringneck » Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:01 pm

Did the eggs ever hatch?

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