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eggs help PLEASE

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eggs help PLEASE

Post by juliejay » Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:37 pm

hi everyone,

a few ?s for u all, Im new to this breeding actually I didnt know I was going to be one until my female laid eggs, she has been in the box now for 15 or more days, she through out one egg for some reason but she is sitting on more Im guessing as she isnt moving away from the same place, so Im guessing the male is feeding her .how long does it take till we have baby ringnecks and how old do they have to be for me to take them out to hand raise, i have hand raised 2 before but I was giving those... should I move her to see if everything is ok or let nature take its course.. thanks for your help in advance

Wessel Gordon
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Re: eggs help PLEASE

Post by Wessel Gordon » Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:07 am

Hi JulieJay

From what I've read incubation takes anywhere from 22-24 days so considering the fact that she's been on the eggs for 15 days I would expect chicks in the next 7-10 days.

I'm not sure why she would have discarded that one egg, it could be that she sensed something wrong about it and decided to focus on the others.

Breeders normally take the chicks from the nest at 10-15 days old to handraise, but unless you have done so successfully in the past and have the time and equipment to do it I would advise against it.

As for moving her: if she's fairly tame you could attempt to move her to at least see how many babies to expect but if she's not your best option is to wait till she leaves the nest for a short break and then check. Just be warned that females are very protective of their nests during breeding season so be ready for it if she decides to defend the nest. If she's too territorial and aggressive when you try to check the nest the best option would be to let nature run it's course...she will discard the eggshells as the babies hatch and that way you'll at least have an indication that you have babies.

Kind regards,

PS: my one female has been incubating eggs for about the same time as yours so her eggs should hatch at roughly the same time as your female's.

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