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3year old and no ring...

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Luís Pardal
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3year old and no ring...

Post by Luís Pardal » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:49 pm

I everyone,

I've 5 birds that Will turn 3years old next month. (3cinnamon green, 1 turquoise cinnamon and one turquoise)

For what I understand 4 of them should be female since they are cinnamon and the parents are green/blue cock and lutino hen... But last year at least one of the cinnamon green started to do the mating dance to the point that "he" was on top of the female, who was receptive... I have read that sometimes the females imitate the males which can lead to misleads but I didn't think that it would get to that point...

Although I have been hoping that the other one was a male since "he" isn't brother/sister, so I could mate him with one of the females I haven't seen this behavior in him. And since I only have these birds and they have been by themselves since they were 4months old he doesn't seems like they learn to imitate a male...

I know that DNA tests are cheap and I even have the kits at home but they are "wild" birds and I was afraid to hurt them when I tried to put the identification ring on their feet and I eventually give up. And with no way of identifying them doesn't make sense to do the DNA sexing.

So my question is how late can the ring appear?

I have already spoken to the breeder, who is willing to trade one or two for males but now they started mating again and I don't know what to do...

Hope you can help me

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